Plans for it…

As of right now I have one finished product, which is my first novel. One that I hope will span into a multi-novel series I will refer to as “The Chronicles of Amerath”. It is a fantasy-comedy that revolves around the tabletop games me and my friends participate in. One book is done and the second has a completed draft and is now in the editing stage. I have enough material to write several books. So that is one direction I could go if there is enough support for that.

Aside from that project, I have two other novels I’ve been developing for some time. One I plan to have as a stand-alone story, and the other I want to progress into a trilogy or perhaps a series.

I have been toying with the prospect of including some tabletop campaign modules into my repertoire. I’ve done a little work on a D20 game system, but that has gone on the back burner for the time being.

I literally have a laundry list of literary projects I wish to bring to realization, but working and real-life distractions are prevalent.

So, again, with time and support I hope to finalize all these listed projects.


Bullet-list time:

  • The Chronicles of Amerath Series
  • The “Gorhaan Wars”
  • The Magii Saga
  • Project Tabletop
  • Etc.


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