Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.6

It was almost nightfall again by the time they reached the Guildhall. It took them almost a full day to descend the mountain. Traveling down the mountain was creepingly slow on account of the four wounded and shackled prisoners slowly hobbling down the perilous mountain in dismal morale. They took a few different paths than… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.6

Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.6

Ralgar awoke the next morning to the sound of Willie chopping his cleaver against the bar. He pulled his face out of the puddle of ale that was spilt upon the table during his slumber. Ralgar noticed Willie at the bar and inquired to him about the prisoner. Willie just answered with a big smile… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.6

Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.6

“What’s did you find?” asks Rangrim. Muzgash only grunts and briefly mentions the skeletons and the necklace. Rangrim looks intrigued but is disappointed when Muzgash turns his attention away, omitting the details of the discovery. Muzgash asks Rangrim if he saw anything in his absence. “Well those damn raptors seem to be gone,” he says… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.6

Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.6

Most of the events that followed our escape of the temple village I had to reminisce with members of my voyage to recollect. I remember that I had opened one of many bottles of wine and drank it as we slowly skulked back to our camp. It was after dawn by the time we had… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.6

Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.5

Onedeep looks over at Seregris in disgust, “Seregris! You are going to betray us too?” he asks angrily. “Yeeeessssss.” Seregris says back, upturning his hands in disavowal. “You bastard!” Onedeep shouts as he pulls two daggers from behind his back and jumps forwards. Axehammeran, several paces away, sees Dartanion snatch an arrow from his quiver,… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.5

Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.5

Several hours later the few lights that illuminated the Town of Petals began to show themselves on Ralgar’s horizons. Little Jimmie had begun to trail behind, obviously tired from the day’s adventure, and was beginning to complain, “Huh- huuh- huuuh, waaeeeuuuuhhhtt.” he huffed as he dragged along behind Ralgar. “Yeah? You said you wanted to… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.5

Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.5

Suddenly they hear a voracious reptilian screech, and the grass in front of Muzgash parts violently as a ferocious beast comes leaping straight at him. A large hooked talon lashes out, slicing open his plain monk’s tunic, and it tears across his muscular chest. “Ooohh fuck!” screams Rangrim as this half-feathered, half-scaled, carnivorous bipedal predator… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.5

Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.5

Upon reaching the scene of their struggle I noticed a bloody streak painted in the dirt leading towards the woods, and I could just scarcely see the body of the kopru slithering away into the shadows. I forced a ball of arcane ice to form into my hand and I threw it towards the kopru,… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.5

Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.4

Axehammeran’s hike up the set of stone steps was soon interrupted by the appearance of a small building in the distance. A sense of relief overcomes Axehammeran as his Instincts tell him that he has finally reached his destination. His Instincts would have been immediately validated if only Axehammeran could read the sign rapidly approaching… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.4

Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.4

On the road a few miles out of town, Ralgar remembered the crude dagger Little Jimmie carried with him. Thinking that the kobold adolescent would soon be forced to face the reality of battle, Ralgar surmised that Little Jimmie should be better equipped for the occasion. He reached within his traveling pack to withdraw an… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.4