Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.2

The trio continues their huff up the sloping mountain path, with Axehammeran in front while the other two trail behind as they talk amongst one another about their separate troll encounters. Axehammeran is stopped in his tracks by the scene of several recently slain mountain trolls. Their bodies lying flayed open by large ghoulish gashes… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.2

Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.2

Ralgar woke up in a cell. He only had his clothing on. All his weapons, armor, and gear where gone. He looked about and saw that he was in a hallway with several other cells, all of them empty. A lizardman guard stood watch at a door at the end of the hallway. Ralgar came… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.2

Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.2

*************************************** Several hours pass before Muzgash’s eyes creak back open. It’s still dark out, the moon is gone, and morning will soon be upon them. He can hear that the camp is still quiet. His eyes, being well adapted to low light conditions, notice a slouched figure staring directly into the fire. “Let’s go!” shouts… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.2

Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.2

It was morning by the time we reached the rocky coasts of the island. The jutting sharp rocks and high cliffs created an ominous border to this dreary place, a subtle testament to the danger of this island. I could scarcely view the large wooden wall made of redwood trees that ran the length of… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.2

Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.1

AXEHAMMERAN “All who attempt to stand against you are bound to fall.” -Passage from Lament of the Dreadnoughts   Finally the first snowy peaks surrounding the expansive Lake Tallheaux began to show themselves on the verge of Axehammeran's alcohol induced double vision. Upon a distant hillside Ridinour pointed out that there was the Fighters Guild… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.1

Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.1

RALGAR “War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.” -Unknown Warrior Ralgar had followed the little lizardboy for almost two days now. They both had hitched a ride north on the King’s 101st Road. After that they had set out from Otavon on foot, trekking through thick marshes and dense… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.1

Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.1

MUZGASH “Teachers can open the doors, but you must enter by yourself.” -Monk Proverb Muzgash and his three traveling companions made it swiftly back to the city of Saint Rose. Leaving Mission through the Twin Gate Bridge, they were able to hitch a ride in one of the many merchant carriages that traverse the bustling… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.1

Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.1

DA'LOACH "Man cannot discover new waters unless he possesses the courage to lose sight of the shore"  -Sailor's Proverb So there I was, bound to my destination, but with no sense of true direction. I could feel the cool ocean breeze and the spray of the waves crashing against my ship gently kiss upon my… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.1

Trials of Seperation – Prologue

THE PROLOUGE To the Story. It had started after we got back. Something I like to refer to as the “Callings”. We had all been celebrating profusely after our return from dispatching that wretched cult and their equally disdainful leader, the late Calarelle, a tale I must admit deserves a mention of Merit, having said… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Prologue

Trials of Seperation – Introduction

(For all the Goons. Ham.) AN INTRODUCTION To our story. If you’re reading this then that means I am already dead. I jest, I jest. If you are reading this that means that I have completed and finalized the painstaking task of reimagining our four separate stories. Let me first introduce myself, I am The… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Introduction