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  • The Chronicles of Amerath: Trials of Seperation

Observe the Partymembers as they journey along different paths within the world of Terrus in one of the most epic adventures ever told.

Join Da’loach on his seafaring voyage to the Isle of Dread, where he must struggle with the troubles beset upon that wretched island. Follow Muzgash as he returns home to visit things he left behind and the secrets he uncovers once he is there. Travel with Ralgar to the small hamlet they call The Town of Petals, which has become under attack from the rich Parklands of Rhonertia. Come along with Axehammeran as he drinks his way to the Lake Tallheaux Fighters Guildhall and snuffs out the corruption that plagues the area. How will they overcome their toils now that they are separated from one another? Read on and you will find out.
Beware: once you have read it, you cannot unread it…

(This is my first novel. Think of it as a comedy-fantasy epic based on some tabletop games. Fun note: 98% of the dialog and events in the book were taken from recordings of our games, so what the characters say in the book you can believe that we said that in real life. It’s almost like a fantasy memoir. As a heads-up there is excessive amounts of violence, swearing, and vulgar behavior. Oh, and the title is misspelled correctly…)

Available now for the Nook or the Kindle.

***Not yet available in hard-copy; working on it***


  • The Chronicles of Amerath: Weekend at the Goblin Kingdom

***Not yet finished, hoping for summer 2016***

(This book is the second in the Chronicles of Amerath series and begins where Trials of Seperation left off. The Partymembers are now reunited and must travel to the northern kingdom of Nornheim to investigate the reasons for the kingdom’s sudden seclusion from Amerath. They must travel deep into the frigid north and face a bevvy of shenanigans to overcome the mysterious organizations pulling strings from the shadows… stay tuned.)

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    1. Well thank you very much for your consideration. Seeing how I’m having trouble with my paypal account, buying is the only transaction available at the moment. You would need to have an eReader though…


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