Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.5

Suddenly they hear a voracious reptilian screech, and the grass in front of Muzgash parts violently as a ferocious beast comes leaping straight at him. A large hooked talon lashes out, slicing open his plain monk’s tunic, and it tears across his muscular chest. “Ooohh fuck!” screams Rangrim as this half-feathered, half-scaled, carnivorous bipedal predator… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.5

Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.5

Upon reaching the scene of their struggle I noticed a bloody streak painted in the dirt leading towards the woods, and I could just scarcely see the body of the kopru slithering away into the shadows. I forced a ball of arcane ice to form into my hand and I threw it towards the kopru,… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.5

Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.4

Axehammeran’s hike up the set of stone steps was soon interrupted by the appearance of a small building in the distance. A sense of relief overcomes Axehammeran as his Instincts tell him that he has finally reached his destination. His Instincts would have been immediately validated if only Axehammeran could read the sign rapidly approaching… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.4

Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.4

On the road a few miles out of town, Ralgar remembered the crude dagger Little Jimmie carried with him. Thinking that the kobold adolescent would soon be forced to face the reality of battle, Ralgar surmised that Little Jimmie should be better equipped for the occasion. He reached within his traveling pack to withdraw an… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.4

Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.4

The two slowly traverse down the hallway for a ways and eventually they come upon another double door, this one a replica of the doors at the entrance to the hallway. As they approach the door the fear of another encounter with a stone guardian clearly etches itself upon their faces. “Shit mannnn.” groans Rangrim… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.4

Trials of Seperation- Da’loach Pt.4

As I bursted forth from the vegetation I ran for the nearest hut. I could hear the simple-minded grunts of the villagers under the control of the kopru's magic. “Uuuhhhggg?” they groaned questionably, with mouths agape. I attempted to run past a few of them walking slowly close together, but suddenly I heard the shrill… Continue reading Trials of Seperation- Da’loach Pt.4

Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.3

Scaling this treacherous, narrow, cliffside path, Axehammeran is able to reach a safer passage without another incident. The trail begins to open wider after a good stretch further up the cliffside, and it steers inwards into the mountain again. A short ways after that, Axehammeran notices down the trail that there is a series of… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Axehammeran Pt.3

Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.3

Ralgar marched quickly, straight back to the center of town and walked right up to city hall. Now outside were several more guards than when Ralgar first showed up. They noticed Ralgar marching towards them and they immediately snapped to attention. One of them shouted to Ralgar before he reached them, “Hey buddy! What do… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.3

Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.3

Muzgash walks through the light and he is suddenly within another room, then Julie-san and Rangrim quickly appear behind him from the doorway of white brightness open against the wall. This next room is well illuminated and is constructed out of an ivory colored stone. The room is lined with rows of intricate pillars made… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.3

Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.3

Jariah worked her way through the group, followed by Tristam, and she turned to me, “Where are we going?” she inquired. “Uh, to the cobalt’s.” I said back, not entirely paying attention to her inquiry. “What kobolds?” she asked, emphasizing that I mistook the name of those small dragonfolk. “What is it, the uh-” I… Continue reading Trials of Seperation – Da’loach Pt.3