Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.4

On the road a few miles out of town, Ralgar remembered the crude dagger Little Jimmie carried with him. Thinking that the kobold adolescent would soon be forced to face the reality of battle, Ralgar surmised that Little Jimmie should be better equipped for the occasion. He reached within his traveling pack to withdraw an enchanted sword he took off a slain adversary, but never used in actual battle. Little Jimmie’s eyes widened with anticipation as he noticed Ralgar pull out the blade, but as Ralgar looked over to him he suddenly changed his mind and returned the blade into his pack.

“Yeah?! Awww…” Little Jimmie sighed with disappointment.

“Why do you want to come Little Jimmie?” asked Ralgar.

“I was the one who brought you here wasn’t I?” he remarked.


“To save our town.” he admitted.

“Little Jimmie I have to ask you a question,” said Ralgar as he looked down at Little Jimmie with a stony expression, “Are you ready to die for this?”

“Hell yeah!” Little Jimmie declared confidently, “Fucking little kid walkin’ all the way to god damn Mission. I’m a kobold damn it. I coulda got killed by any motherfuckers.”

Ralgar smiled in admiration, “Alright let’s fuckin’ do this!” he shouted and gave Little Jimmie a hard slap on the back.

The two of them traveled at a good pace for several miles before Ralgar suggested getting off the trail out of the scope of any spying eyes. Ralgar headed for the edge of the woods that ran along the road and began trudging parallel to the road under the cover of the trees.

“You know I can see you right?” shouted Little Jimmie from the trail.

“Come on Little Jimmie.” Ralgar shouted back and motioned for the kobold to follow his lead.

Little Jimmie reluctantly complied and started to follow the blundering dragonborn hero who was cascading noisily through the brush.

They traveled a good distance in this fashion until they were halted by the rabble of several voices emanating from down the road.

Ralgar instantly halted his advance through the growth and began creeping towards the road for a better view. His heavy armor was hindering his abilities to sneak quietly, but fortunately the voices from the road didn’t seem to notice.

As Ralgar drew near the road the voices grew louder and more clear, although he was unable to spot the origin of the voices amongst the thick growth of bushes in front of him. His curiosity was unfulfilled, so Ralgar began to creep again, moving out from under the cover of the bushes.

“No, don’t.” Little Jimmie whispered concernedly, but Ralgar disregarded his concern and continued to slither towards the road.

Ralgar was able to gain a better vantage point without being noticed, and he spotted a sizable group of men, all of various races, traveling upon the road. Humans, elves, dwarves, and half-elves all made up this group, and they were all armed in some manner, albeit not in the manner of a fully outfitted regiment of soldiers, but armed and dangerous nonetheless. Some of them had embroidered upon their tabards the emblem of a green field sitting before a pair of golden hills underneath a sunny sky, but Ralgar failed to recognize the significance of the image.

“It’s the Parklands’ tabard.” hissed a quiet kobold voice from behind Ralgar, but Ralgar didn’t see Little Jimmie in his sights, so he turned his attention back towards the small company of men. Ralgar guessed that there was somewhere around a dozen of them.

Seeing that the odds weighed against just the two of them, Ralgar decided to play it safe and rest in the woods till evening where the two of them could continue on in the dark of night.

They both waited patiently on the edge of the woods for a few hours until night came, and thankfully they did not spy any more bands of travelers passing by during their wait.

Ralgar judged that they could continue on safely from there on out. He reached for his headband which was inlaid with two yellow crystals that allowed him greater visibility during the night. He also reached out in an attempt to grab Little Jimmie, to carry him along their path, but Little Jimmy refused.

Ralgar attempted once more to grab the lad against his wishes but Little Jimmie dodged out of the way and scampered off deeper into the woods.

“Wait no!” called out Ralgar to the fleeing kobold, “Little Jimmie! I was just trying to keep you safe. Where are you going man?”

“I’m following you.” rang a voice from a distance.

“You’re just gonna follow me?” Ralgar called back.

Ralgar heard Little Jimmie whisper an agreement from somewhere in the bushy surroundings.

“Well, keep your head down, shit’s gonna go down.” warned Ralgar.

“Keep your head down.” Little Jimmie snickered back.

Ralgar collected all his gear he had laid down for the wait and began his noisy trek through the concealment of the woods once again.

Ralgar continued on like this for several more miles before stopping to scan his surroundings. He could see the empty road running parallel to his path, and two bright globes from behind.

Thinks I don’t see him, but I do! thought Ralgar to himself as he noticed Little Jimmie’s eyes peering at him through the dark.

Ralgar also spotted, off in the far distance that the woods began to thin out, and he could vaguely see dim lights farther ahead than that.

When he neared the edge of the woods he could clearly see the origins of the lights. Looming ahead stood a great wall that stretched around a vast city. The road was empty and wound on ahead to the city, ending at a great postern gate that jutted out of the mass of walls. Focusing his vision on the gate, Ralgar noticed two men standing guard at the front of the gate.

Ralgar turned back to Little Jimmie who had revealed himself and was standing beside Ralgar, staring with his jaws agape at the sight of the massive walls, “I gotta talk to you.” Ralgar said to him.

Little Jimmie turned his attention from the walls back to Ralgar, “What?” he remarked in stupefied response.

“Okay man, this is what’s gonna happen, you’re gonna stay right here okay. You’re gonna hide-”

“What?!” snapped Little Jimmie as he quickly pulled out his dagger in anticipation.

“Jimmie you got to cover me okay? You’re gonna wait here-”

Little Jimmie cut him off once more, “What? Why aren’t I coming?! I’m the only one you got!” he said hotly with his dagger still clutched in hand.

“Bonecheck, mothafucka!” Ralgar said aloud.

Little Jimmie sent Ralgar a questionable look, but his face turned to excitement as he saw Ralgar reach into his bag and draw out the neglected blade.

“Take this Little Jimmie.” he said as he handed the blade over to Little Jimmie.

Little Jimmie was speechless as he tossed his rusty, dull dagger to the ground and grasped the sword in his small scaly hands. His excitement was clear upon his face.

“Little Jimmie you have to listen to me, shit’s about to go dowun.” Ralgar stated calmly.

“What are you doing Ralgar?” asked Little Jimmie.

“I need you to cover for me, I’m going to go up to these guards and I’m going to see what’s up, and if shit starts to go down, if we start to brawl, just keep an eye here, and just keep low, cause shit might go down.” he explained to the elated kobold.

“We’re gonna do this, but don’t show yourself unless I’m almost dying, otherwise you hang back.” Ralgar requested of him.

Tears welled in the little kobold’s eyes as he looked up to his hero, “I will Ralgar. I will.”

Ralgar then dashed off into the darkness towards the city gates, and the two guards protecting it.

Ralgar used any, and every piece of shrubbery to hide his advance towards the gates. He only broke his stealthy approach when he was within earshot of the guards chatting back and forth to each other.

They both jumped to attention as they suddenly saw the large and heavily armored and armed dragonborn man appear out of the darkness before them. They immediately lowered their weapons at Ralgar’s approach, and one of them shouted at him, “Hey you- lizardman! Stay where you are!” said the human man as he held his halberd between himself and Ralgar.

Ralgar continued on towards them silently.

The two human men stepped closer together and readied their weapons, one had the halberd, the other had a spear, and they both shouted to the “lizardman”.

“HALT!” they said.

Ralgar slowed his pace and stopped a short distance from them and stood there quietly.

The one who spoke to him earlier spoke again, “What are you doing here at this time of night?” he asked.

“Passing through.” Ralgar responded.

The other man, the one with the spear remarked with a gruff voice, “You might need to go around.”

Ralgar turned to the man who just spoke to him and stared him in the eyes, “I don’t think so.”

The man with the halberd broke in, “These roads are closed.”

“Really? I didn’t get the memo.” Ralgar quipped back.

The gruff man with the spear snapped back, “Well you’re gettin’ a memo now mothafucka!”

“Oh really?” said Ralgar casually as he took a step back and reached for his shield and axe.

At seeing the stranger reach for his weapons, the two guards’ eyes widened and they suddenly huddled together and readied themselves to counter an assault.

“You guys better move!” Ralgar shouted in an intimidating display.

But the guards neither budged nor responded.

“I’m looking for the mayor. Why can’t I pass here?” Ralgar said as he saw his intimidation fail.

They quickly repeated that the road was closed.

“Why?” demanded Ralgar.

The gruff man with the spear responded, “Construction!” in a sarcastic voice.

“On what?” questioned Ralgar.

“The road!”

“I’m walking here, I’ll walk around it where in spots where I won’t get in trouble.” Ralgar spilled out of his jaws.

“That’s what we’re sayin’.” said the man with the halberd.

“I’ve got armor on, I’ll be- look I’ll be safe, I have armor on, no one will be a problem.” Ralgar continued to spill on.

“It will to the workers, so go around.” demanded the halberd man.

Ralgar, seeing that his opponents were well ready for an attack, and seeing that he wouldn’t be entering the city through this route, turned his back on the men and began marching off back down the road he came upon. When he was well covered by darkness, Ralgar ducked behind some bushes and cut back to the location he left Little Jimmie.

He found Little Jimmie with his blade still clutched in his claws, “What happened?” he asked Ralgar.

“We gonna have to- well they are obviously hostile, we were just checking the lines. We have to go back and rally the town now. Come with me Little Jimmie.” Ralgar told him.

“Aww shit, alright.” Little Jimmie said disappointedly.

“And gimme that sword! Pull out your dagger you little bitch!” snapped Ralgar as he snatched the sword back from the kobold.

Little Jimmie was shocked as his gifted sword was suddenly taken from him, and he turned and scrambled on the ground to locate his discarded dagger.

“Yeah you find that shit.” said Ralgar.

Shortly after Little Jimmie squealed in excitement as he found his dagger and placed it back into his belt. The two of them then began the trudge back home along the road, this time through the dark of the night.