Trials of Seperation – Ralgar Pt.3

Ralgar marched quickly, straight back to the center of town and walked right up to city hall. Now outside were several more guards than when Ralgar first showed up. They noticed Ralgar marching towards them and they immediately snapped to attention. One of them shouted to Ralgar before he reached them, “Hey buddy! What do you want?” he said.

“I need to see the mayor.” demanded Ralgar as he stepped up to the group of reptilian guardsmen.

“Yeah? About what?” asked the largest of the dragonborn guards, who was about a foot smaller than Ralgar.

“About Ronert Haven.” Ralgar replied.

The guard looked to his companions with a confused look and turned back to Ralgar, “You mean the Parklands of Rhonertia?” he questioned.

“The Parklands of Rhonertia,” stated Ralgar stonily, and then said, “I know the truth. I want to see this whole council, I don’t want to just talk to the mayor, I want to talk to all of them.”

The guard addressing Ralgar turned to his other companions and silently nodded and turned back to Ralgar, “Wait here.” he said as he walked off into the city hall.

He returned after a few minutes and walked up to Ralgar, “Let’s go.”

The dragonborn guard lead Ralgar into the city hall, both of whom were followed by three other guards. Ralgar was lead back into the main entrance of the courthall, and he could see that the four dragonborn councilmembers and the Mayor were assembling atop the dais.

As Ralgar was brought before them, the dragonwoman addressed him, “What brings you back in here so soon Ral- mister Gar.

Ralgar gave them a long hard stare with his reptilian eyes, and returned her question with, “You’re all cowards.”

The inhabitants of the room were all taken aback. The council looked amongst one another rapidly, “What makes you say that?” demanded the dragonwoman harshly.

“You just hide in your building, you just board up, you just wait here for death to come for you,” Ralgar stated to them, “You’re cowards.” he declared blatantly, and continued on more loudly than before, “Defend your land. You- you- you- the raids of the Parklands of Rhonertia, they are nothing but worms beneath our feet, and you cowards squirm and hide behind your wooden windows and barred up doors.”

Ralgar noticed a mixed reaction from the council, and he saw the Mayor bite his lip and saw his eyes start to gloss over with arising tears, “God damn it, he’s right!” shouted the Mayor and he jumped up from his chair.

“Ohhh…” murmured several of the council members, as the Mayor continued on dramatically, “He said it god damn it, the one that slapped me said it!” the Mayor’s face turned into an angry grimace as he reached for a sword strapped to his belt and pulled it from his scabbard and raised it over his head, “Damn it we should do something!” he shouted to the council.

The guards stepped forward a bit, and the dragonborn guard that lead Ralgar in muttered to the Mayor in an attempt to desist the Mayor’s rant, “Hey man, c’mon.”

But the Mayor only waved him off, “Back up! Back up!” he shouted, “I don’t know you,” he said to Ralgar as he sheathed his sword, “And even though you’ve done me wrong in the past, your fucking right.”

Some of the council had begun to murmur in agreement.

“Even though you’re right, what is there we can do about it?” asked the Mayor to Ralgar.

Ralgar’s stern face brightened into a smile, “You can prepare, and you can- we can invade, strike them at their homeland. Their land, their blood!”

The Mayor dropped his head, “We’ve thought of it. But even if this small amount of, you know, citizens of the Town of Petals were to do any substantial amount of damage, the whole of the Parklands would strike back and overwhelm us.” he said solemnly.

“Why do they strike us? Why is it that this is a problem? What have we done to cause this?” questioned Ralgar.

The Mayor raised his head to look into Ralgar’s eyes and he shouted, “It’s the people! The common races of the Parklands just see us as lizardmen, and kobolds, and dragonfolk.”

“We need to show them that we are no small amount of people, we are no weeds to be crushed in the grass. We are going to rally- you know what we are going to do?” said Ralgar excitedly, “We’re gonna make an example of the- you know how we’re gonna do this? Have you ever been to Windsorhaven?” Ralgar inquired.

The Mayor didn’t seem to understand the connection, “The small village up north?” he asked.

“I heard it was half burnt down not long ago. And the mayor murdered.” Ralgar said back to the Mayor.

“I heard there was some trouble out there, especially with some cultists.” he responded.

“Their defenses are weak, we can take them, show that we are not to be trifled with, our kind.” proposed Ralgar.

Several of the council members responded in protest, and the dragonwoman shouted over them, “Why would we take that other small town? We’re under siege every evening.”

Ralgar pondered for a moment and inquired to the size of the Parklands compared to some of the outlying cities in the region. They informed him that Saint Rose would be the largest nearby city, followed by the coastal city of Bhodegah’s Mouth and then the Parklands of Rhonertia. They say that the Town of Petals would likely be of comparable size to Windsorhaven, and not much larger than the village called the Halls of Sebasts.

“So it’s much small, much easierly invaded.” Ralgar stated after hearing the collective of estimations.

The inhabitants eagerly deterred Ralgar from the proposition of invading a distant village with the threat of the Parklands still at hand.

“Well, shall I go talk to them then? If I have the right to speak for the people here, this village, my kin.” he offered to them.

The Mayor thought about the offer for a moment, “I don’t know.” he said, “I know that you have done some hot headed things in your past, meaning earlier today. But-”

Before he could finish, Ralgar cut him off, “I don’t cower in my room at night with wood over my windows, I sleep in the alley, I sleep in the fuckin’ alley man, I’ll sleep where I want, I do what I want, ‘cause I fear no man. No puny human.” he raved on.

“I don’t know if we can put our whole city in danger-” began the Mayor, but he was cut off again by Ralgar.

“You put the city in danger with your weaknesses, and your weak aspect of defending your people. Hiding everywhere, hiding within your…” Ralgar trailed off towards the end, running out of accusations.

“Say what you will about us, but do what you have to do in the Parklands,” said the Mayor, “just be wary, they don’t take kindly to our people.” he warned.

“I don’t take kindly to their people now!” rebuked Ralgar.

Having the uneasy support of the Mayor, Ralgar decided to depart from this place and head out to the Parklands. The council members wished him luck in his endeavors and he was escorted from the premises by the guards, who also wished him luck, albeit with a bit more aspiration in their voices. As Ralgar was parting from city hall he saw a young kobold dashing towards him from down the street. As the young kobold neared Ralgar recognized him as Little Jimmie, the youngling who summoned him from Mission and guided him to this hopeless town.

Ralgar noticed the youngling had a crude dagger strapped to his waist, and he ran up to Ralgar eagerly, “I heard what you were gonna do! And I’m coming with you.” he said to Ralgar.

“Alright.” Ralgar responded, and the young kobold’s face lit with joy and he jumped up in excitement.

The two headed north out of town.