Trials of Seperation – Muzgash Pt.3

Muzgash walks through the light and he is suddenly within another room, then Julie-san and Rangrim quickly appear behind him from the doorway of white brightness open against the wall. This next room is well illuminated and is constructed out of an ivory colored stone. The room is lined with rows of intricate pillars made of the same material. A stream trickles lightly from a crack in the wall on one side of the room, forming a murky puddle upon the ground, and a great marble double door stands at the far end of the room. The door is massive in scale and is wonderfully decorated with men performing martial feats around a serpentine dragon.

Muzgash walks briskly across the room and heads for the door. Upon the door, besides the carvings, hang two large bronze rings from each of the doors that have both tarnished over with a layer of patina.

Muzgash grabs both rings and tugs on them, attempting to open the doors, but nothing happens. He pushes upon each of the doors with all his might, but to no avail. He then checks to see if these doors might be locked in some manner but he can only surmise that he is simply unable to force them open due to their sheer size and weight. He grabs hold of one of the bronze rings and swings it twice against the door. As it hits upon the marble door a reverberating BOOM!-BOOM! is heard, rattling the room’s inhabitants.

“What the hell man!” shouts Rangrim in panic, and he begins slurring disgruntled words to Muzgash.

Muzgash only shrugs his shoulder as nothing seems to happen in reaction to his loud knocks upon the door. He looks around the room in search of some sort of clue in unlocking the door. Rangrim follows him, expressing his unease of this mysterious place. But Muzgash shushes him as he realizes the sound of the trickling water has ceased. Muzgash looks to the wall where the stream was just running down, but now only a tarnished red streak and a lone puddle remain.

Muzgash, intrigued by the reason for the stream’s demise, assumes his spider technique and begins climbing up the slippery, ivory stone wall. He manages to scale far enough up the creases in the wall to see the origin of the stream. A small hole had managed to corrode its way through the wall and release the water through there, but no man could possibly squeeze through the tiny gap.

Suddenly the creaking of the two marble doors reverberated throughout the room. Muzgash twirls his head down towards the opening doors to see a large, grey foot step out from inside the next room.

“Julie-san! NO!” shouts Rangrim suddenly as he catches glimpse of the large figure stepping through the doorway.

Following that moment, Muzgash sees a great stone figure loom over Julie-san and it swings its huge, cocked back fist toward the vulnerable pupil who was standing in front of the door. The hefty appendage slams against Julie-san with shattering force and sends the unfortunate woman sprawling through the air like a rag-doll. Her body eventually hits the smooth ground and tumbles over several times before sliding to a slow halt upon the ground near Rangrim, leaving a bloody streak smeared on the ivory floor.

Rangrim charges the great stone gargantuan, roaring like a madman.

“AHHHHH!!!” he screams in rage.

Muzgash scrambles down the wall to assist Rangrim. He looks down at the lifeless body as he bounds towards the door. Rangrim has already begun a furious assault of focused punches and skillful dodges against the stone figure that resembles a goliath man standing near twenty feet tall. Rangrim’s advance pushed the great stone goliath back into the next room, which is actually an expansive hallway that stretches forty feet wide with countless pillars that line the edge of the walls.

As Muzgash reaches the door, he dashes past the duel and charges down the hallway. The hallway grows dark about a hundred feet in, and Muzgash cannot see beyond that, but he picks up to a sprint and keeps charging forth.

“MMMMMUUUUUYYYY!!!” roars Rangrim loudly from back down the hall. Muzgash looks over his shoulder and he sees the stone goliath land a heavy blow upon his half-orc ally and it sends Rangrim flying through the air screaming, “NOOOOO!!” and he hits the floor and skids along before slamming hard into a wall. Muzgash slides across the slick floor as he suddenly halts his sprint. He turns and sees the stone goliath quickly approaching the grounded Rangrim. Muzgash sprints back across the gap with dexterous speed and as he nears the stone goliath he leaps up and flies through the air. He brings both legs up and slams them against the stone goliath’s back, driving all his momentum into his attack.

The kick sends the great stone behemoth stumbling forward and it crashes headlong into the wall with all its weight in a thundering clatter.

“Waahhhh!” Rangrim screams in horror as the stone goliath’s head comes  crashing through the wall above him. He scrambles upon the floor between the stony legs in an attempt to escape the cascading stone rubble. He hastily crawls to the doorway and pulls himself up against the door and shouts out, “Get him Muzgash!”

The stone goliath manages to pry its head out of the wall, scattering broken ivory stone and rock along the floor. It turns its attention towards Muzgash and begins marching methodically towards him.

Muzgash darts towards the stone goliath in a flash. He swings his fist in one rapid strike aimed at the kneecap of the advancing guardian. The blow lands but doesn’t seem to affect the great stone statue.

Its body creaks as it swipes the back of its great stone hand towards Muzgash, but it swings over Muzgash as he ducks below the hand.

And then suddenly Muzgash notices a shadow pass overhead as Rangrim flies through the air with an outstretched foot aimed at the behemoth. Only Rangrim flew right past the goliath and tumbled upon the ground once more.

Muzgash suddenly dashes between the legs of the stone goliath, then bows his legs and lowers his stance, focusing his energies into his next attack. He claps both hands together and then pushes outwards with both hands in opposite directions. Each hand slams forcefully against the shins of the stone goliath, forcing the legs apart. The uncontrolled force of movement in its legs knocked the goliath off balance and it toppled over, nearly crushing Rangrim beneath it. Muzgash quickly unleashes a punch against one of its knees leaving a small cluster of cracks, and a small piece of stone broke off.

Muzgash then leaps atop the fallen adversary and sprints along its body and bounds off its face back onto the floor. He wraps his arms around its forehead and attempts to keep it forced upon the ground, but the stone head begins to lift and the slick surface slips out of Muzgash’s grasp. Meanwhile, Rangrim ran up to its knee and slammed his closed fist down upon the fallen goliath’s kneecap with a loud crack.

“This is for Julie-san!” he roared as he began chopping his fist down furiously into the stone knee. The blows proved too much, and the stone knee crumpled against the repeated impacts and it severed, dropping the limb to the ground with a loud thud. The opposite leg whipped to the side, catching Rangrim in the back which smashes him face-first into the floor.

Muzgash seeing his moment, reaches out with his fingers outstretched, whipping them down into the forehead of the goliath. Thin cracks snapped across the stone face as Muzgash’s burly fingertips drove into the stone. Muzgash pulls upon the dimples he made in the stone and pushes with his feet in one synchronized action, hopping onto the goliath’s shoulder. He punched his fist into the goliath’s chin, dislodging the jaw. Muzgash flung his fist up in an uppercut strike and the goliath’s stone jaw broke into several pieces, and one half of the goliath’s face broke off and flew against the wall, shattering into a cluster of unambiguous stone shards.

The stone behemoth slowly slumped to the floor and went still. It ceased to move thereafter.

Muzgash hopped off of the dormant stone figure, standing over the smashed pieces of the stone face, heavily panting after vanquishing this sentient construct. Muzgash snaps his head to the side, remembering his ally lying sprawled upon the floor. He slowly walks over to the limp and battered Rangrim who appears in a terrible state, perhaps dead by the look of him.

Muzgash gently rolls him on his back; Rangrim is bleeding out of his nose, leaving blood smeared all over his lower face, and his fingers looked like swollen bloody sausages, and a gash on the back of his head had turned his hair a dark reddish-black mess. Muzgash holds his palm over Rangrim’s mouth and catches the faint touch of a weak breath. Muzgash never was a good nurse, so he decides to try his magical ring that he wears around his meaty finger.

Muzgash slips off the ring on his finger and grabs Rangrim’s hand in an attempt to slip him the ring, but Rangrim’s fingers have swollen too much and the ring won’t fit.

“Here take this.” Muzgash says as he puts the ring in Rangrim’s palm and closes Rangrim’s fingers around the ring. Muzgash sits himself cross-legged and meditates patiently, hoping the ring will take effect.

A short time later, Rangrim stirs and mumbles weakly. He looks around the room as he gains his consciousness. He sits up feebly, leaning on one of his elbows, “Aw shit. My fragile fingers.” he says with a cough. The swelling in his hands had subsided a little, his nose stopped bleeding, and the gash on the back of his head had coagulated nicely and ceased to leak. As he opens his battered hand he notices the ring clutched within. He passes it to Muzgash, “Hoo, thanks Muy!” he says as he gently touches the back of his head and winces a bit.

“Let’s go scrape Julie-san off the floor I guess.” Muzgash says as he raises himself.

Rangrim doesn’t move from the floor, and a single tear runs down his face, leaving a streak through the crusty blood, “I can’t.” he says as he holds back more tears. He looks up to Muzgash’s blank face, “We should just leave her like we left Daniel-san.” says Rangrim hoarsely.

Muzgash only shrugs his shoulder, “Sounds good. Let’s do it.” and turns and begins to march further down the giant hallway. Rangrim rouses himself from the floor and limps slowly behind Muzgash.