Free Book

So, as I’ve been ‘diligently’ working on editing the second novel (aka Weekend at Goblin Kingdom) I have been looking back to the first novel (aka Trials of Seperation) for formatting guidelines and to make sure certain things match up style-wise.

I realize, unfortunately, that the first novel needs more editing work, plain and simple. It was my first real project and my second go-around has taught me new things. It sucks to realize you fucked up, but it’s a hard truth.

So I decided… Fuck it!

I’ll share it with the all-consuming interwebs. There is an option, of course, for peeps to buy it on Kindle or Nook (there is more formatting on the nook version, fyi), but now will share it for free while it goes back into the ‘reworking’ phase.

It’ll be in PDF (.pdf) format, so if your clever you can convert it to whatever digital medium you so desire. Most digital devices display PDFs so it’s not a big deal otherwise.

Hope you enjoy. Cheers,

Trials of Seperation (google)
(It is downloadable from Google Drive. Just open link and download the files.)

Trials of Seperation (WordPress)

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